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How to maintain glass coffee tables?


How to maintain glass coffee tables?

A coffee table is an essential part of the modern lifestyle. It is very difficult to find out a house where the coffee table is absent. It is a common fact that guests attend almost all the houses on a weekend. And coffee table is a part of to attend those guests with proper courtesy. Even a few years back people used to have a wooden coffee table. But with the changing trend, there is a fashion of having glass coffee tables. With a glass table, you can have the option to maintain a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. The light effective glass coffee table can offer you storage in the room; even it invites your guests to have a beautiful evening with a cup of coffee. But the fact is it is a big challenge to maintain a glass coffee table. Some people don’t want to afford a glass coffee due to the maintenance of the glass table. But the fact is there are some specific tips to maintain the glass coffee table.

The tips are:

Use a tablecloth: The first thing that you can do to maintain the glass coffee table is to use a table cloth on it. A table cloth can save the glass from any kind of scratches and also keep it clean as much as possible. Actually, a tablecloth keeps the surface area of the glass coffee table clean and safe.

Use wet and soft cloth: Use a wet and soft cloth to clean the glass table. A wet and soft cloth is always preferable to clean a glass table because it can arrest the micro dust particle and it can clean the oily substance properly with the proper solution. One key precaution should be taken before cleaning the table with a table cloth is to remove any hard substance like the salt, or sugar particle or other things that can create scratches on the surface of the glass.

Move the table carefully:  Move the table carefully. It can be that you can move your glass coffee table to another position from the existing position. This is truly a daunting task, as it needs extra care. Some people try to move the table hurriedly and break the glass. So make it sure that you can move the table properly and if necessary you can take help of one or more than one person.

Don’t hit the table with hard and solid object:  Don’t use any substance to clean the table or don’t hit the surface of the glass table with any hard substance, because it can damage the glass table.

So, these are the basic tips to maintain the glass coffee table.